Ruth Howells
... a dear friend and a board member of UAAF left us August 16, 2005, but continues her rescue efforts as she helps our departed pets across the Rainbow Bridge.






(December 25, 2007)


Alex was the most personable cat you would ever meet. He always greeted everyone with a jump in your arms, and a lick on the ear. He was rescued from the Humane Society minutes before he was to be put down. He lived with us for 17 years, surviving cancer, and many other medical conditions. He died at home on Christmas morning. Our house is not the same without him.



(November, 2007)




Our angle came to us from the Humane Society, where someone had left this little blind dog in the night drop box. She was a real trooper, putting up with many health issues, and never complained. She could adapt to any situation, and no matter where we would go in the house, Sophie would always find her way to you, and be right there under your feet. We will miss her sweet personality.


(September 29, 2007)



I miss him so much, he was such an unassuming cocker. He never forced me to give him attention, like my other dog did, he always patiently waited his turn, with love, food, everything..... Thanks again for allowing him to be in my life...




(August 22, 2007)



Our sweet Willis passed away August 22nd, 2007 following a long, hard-fought battle with lung disease. After intensive treatment with antibiotics failed to improve his breathing, the difficult decision was made to proceed with surgery. Sadly, there were unexpected complications with that surgery and our sweet Willis died two days later. We miss him terribly, but are comforted knowing that he had the chance to experience more love and happiness in his 5 months with his foster mom, Deb, than most dogs know in a lifetime.













Our beloved rescue has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We always said her attitude would be the last to go, and she proved us to be right. She has been a handful to those around her for almost 16 years, but she brought a smile to everyone who experienced her bigger than life spirit!







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