Baboo      Layla     Sabrina

UAAF comes to the aid of so many animals in need, like Baboo.  He is one of over 100 dogs taken from the horrible hoarding situation in Taylorsville recently.  Of those, UAAF was able to take 24.  Many of them were in poor condition and many were seniors that need extra TLC.  Our volunteers are working hard to rehabilitate them and the get them the care they deserve.

Layla is a beautiful example of the German Shepherds that UAAF rescues from around Utah and from other states like California and New Mexico.  Many of these shepherds have behavior issues due to neglect and lack of training.  We work with these dogs to get them adoptable and into loving forever homes.

Little Sabrina is a sweet Siamese that was shot repeatedly with a bb gun when someone used her as target practice.  Her injuries have left her paralyzed.  She has to wear diapers and can't do some normal cat things, but she can still scoot around and give you a run for your money!  UAAF takes in many severly injured animals and nurses them back to health.  Their veterinary care is costly, but with the continued support of our community, we can continue to save lives.

U.A.A.F. specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of homeless animals.
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